Susan Crowley, the founder of Crowley Associates, is a commercially adept and significantly experienced member of the Royal Town Planning Institute with a BA Degree in Architecture and a successful track record in the delivery of creative and responsive planning solutions.

She has established a proven track record in the delivery of sound, defensible planning solutions and is acknowledged as an experienced multi-disciplinary practitioner having worked at a senior level in both the public and private sector.

Her practice operates around a culture of integrity, professionalism and responsibility and on the understanding that the future of her business is tied directly to your success.

More specifically Susan has:

  • Specialist knowledge of the conservation, regeneration and development management sectors and is adept in coordinating and managing multi disciplinary teams to deliver successful development.
  • Produced major planning applications/master plans of a consistently high calibre for a wide variety of development initiatives including PFI education and healthcare project work.
  • Contributed both to the preparation of various Local Plans.
  • Coordinated and managed Community Liason Initiatives in connection with PFI and other major project work, establishing in-house best practices guidelines for their execution.
  • Developed best practice guidelines for use in connection with Development Management Practice.